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Professor of Design
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Ian Gwilt
University of South Australia
Area/s of expertise
Art (Visual/Interactive/Media), Design, Interdisciplinary
Research Interests
Design Communication, Design Education, Design History, Design Theory, Environmental Art, Environmental Design, Installation, Interactive/Media Art, Print Media, Visual Culture, data design
About Me
Ian Gwilt is a Professor of Design in UniSA: Creative, University of South Australia, Adelaide. His current areas of research include practice and theory in visual communication design in the context of healthcare and wellbeing, the development of novel information visualization techniques to facilitate the understanding of data for non-specialist audiences, and the design of hybrid environments and experiences; interactive installations, augmented reality artefacts and locations that shape the experience of public spaces. He is also interested in how we can incorporate visual communication design practices into interdisciplinary research teams through the use of inclusive, co-design and participatory practices. He is currently undertaking original research into the design implications for automated futures (Industry 4.0) through the development of a visual/informatic interface to bridge the gap between people and robotic devices. Originally from the UK he has lived and worked in Spain, New Zealand and Australia where he began to develop his research/practice around augmented reality and the graphical user interface as creative/cultural artefact (the subject of his PhD). Over 25 years he has shown interactive installations and digitally informed creative works in a number of international exhibitions and galleries, as well as writing academic texts on creative digital media and design research/practice. He was a Council Executive of the Design Research Society in the UK from 2014 to 2017. Keywords: design research, visual communication design, interdisciplinary projects, information/data design, design in healthcare, co-design, mixed and augmented reality in creative practice, creative applications of 3d printing, data physicalisation.
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Design, Digital, Installation, Interdisciplinary Practice, Socially Engaged Practice