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Simon Lockrey
Area/s of expertise
Art History/Theory, Design, Interdisciplinary
Research Interests
Design Education, Design History, Design Theory, Environmental Design, Industrial Design, Object Design, Sustainable Design, Service Design, Co-Design
About Me
Simon Lockrey is a leading sustainability and design innovation researcher, having been based as a Research Fellow at RMIT since 2009. The domains in which he has managed sustainability research include life cycle assessment (LCA), co-design, design innovation, marketing, resource efficiency and food waste. As a result he has generated over $1 million of 'industry facing' Category 1, 2 and 3 research, creating global impact in policy changes, commercial innovation outcomes, media coverage, quality academic publications (A*/ impact factors over 5), and 200+ citations. Projects have required the development of sustainability strategy, tools, implementation and training for a range of industry partners. Simon has worked with global and nationally significant companies, including CHEP, Visy, Nestlé, Dyson, Grocon and Breville. Relevant government and NGO projects have also ensued, with Sustainability Victoria, Environmental Protection Agency, Australian Food and Grocery Council, Australia Post, Australian Antarctic Division, Uniting AgeWell, and Meat and Livestock Australia. He has been published on sustainability issues through international masthead newspapers, trade magazines, academic literature, and UN agency the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Simon's collaborations across industry and external universities have culminated in participation in the successful Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bid in 2017, national supply chain and technology projects over 10 years from a pool of $210 million cash and in-kind funding. He is now am a key leader in the 2018 funded Fight Food Waste CRC, worth $133 million over 10 years. He also works with partners in the UK, France, Sweden, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Antarctica, thereby fostering a global outlook, reach and impact for his projects. Simon's professional work has crossed a large range of industries including design consultancies, leading commercial interior furniture manufacturers and multinational appliance companies. The products he has designed have been both 'small run' and 'mass produced', as his roles have covered all stages of the design process. He has worked with a range of materials and processes in both design and manufacturing environments. Since 2000 he has worked on over 100 commercial design and engineering projects for organisations such as Breville, Dyson, Whirlpool, and Nestle, which has resulted in the generation of many millions of dollars in income and Intellectual Property (IP). He is currently Executive Director and Co-Founder of global urban gardening brand Glowpear. Recent projects include the Dyson DC39 cylinder cyclone vacuum cleaner, designed, engineered and commercialised for global markets; and the Glowpear Urban Garden and Minis range, self-funded design and ongoing global commercialisation activities into new urban gardening innovations. Simon has also won many international design and innovation awards for his efforts, including 2015 IDEA Award finalist (Glowpear); 2014 Melbourne Design Award Gold recipient (Glowpear); Australian Design Award 2011, and Good Design recipient 2011, 2012 (Dyson) and 2015 (Glowpear); and Red Dot Award recipient 2010, and honourable mention 2012 (Dyson). He keynotes at international conferences, mentors young designers in teaching roles and applies practical experience to sustainability projects engaging industry, manufacturers and wider community sectors.
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Design, Interdisciplinary Practice, Socially Engaged Practice