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Jesse Adams Stein
Area/s of expertise
Design, Interdisciplinary
Research Interests
Design History, Design Theory, Environmental Design, Industrial Design, Sustainable Design, oral history, industrial craft, work and labour, manufacturing, skilled trades, Australian history – 1980s, Economies of design, repair
About Me
Stein is a design researcher and oral historian specialising in the relationship between technology, work and material culture. She is a Senior Lecturer and ARC DECRA Fellow at the UTS School of Design. Her research shifts between historical and contemporary contexts and focuses on the quieter and less fashionable sides of design: industrial craft, manufacturing, repair, skill loss and labour experiences, in the face of economic and technological change. Stein’s work engages with industrial workers, makers, tradespeople and manufacturers, particularly their experiences of employment survival and sector transition over the past 40+ years. She is the author of Industrial Craft in Australia (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021), and Hot Metal: Material Culture & Tangible Labour (Manchester University Press, 2016). She is the founder and co-convenor of All Hands on Deck (w/ Dr Chantel Carr), an international cross-disciplinary symposium and two-volume book project on work, skill and material production at a time of human and environmental calamity. In 2019 Stein also initiated the collaborative project Repair-Design (w/ A/Prof Alexandra Crosby).
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Craft, Design, Interdisciplinary Practice, Socially Engaged Practice