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Associate professor
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Jondi Keane
Deakin University
Area/s of expertise
Art (Visual/Interactive/Media), Interdisciplinary
Research Interests
Art Theory, Drawing, Installation, Painting, Participatory, Performance, Visual Culture, experimental architecture
About Me
Jondi Keane is an arts practitioner, critical thinker and Associate Professor of Art and Performance at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. For more than three decades he has exhibited, performed and collaborated on projects in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. His research interests include contemporary art practice and theory, theories of cognition and the philosophy of perception and experimental art and architecture. His creative research consists of studio-based experiments, video and performative-installations. He publishes widely on: art-science, practice-led research, theories of cognition, and the ways in which creative practices contribute to interdisciplinary inquires that address collective concerns.
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Art History & Art Theory, Installation, Interdisciplinary Practice, Performance, Visual Art